Left Brain Games, Inc. has years of experience with corporate training, we can present complex information in ways that are efficient, engaging, and easy to understand. No matter what business you’re in, we can develop a training program on policies and procedures or create a training program on a new product.

Do you want to see how your employees react to different situations, we can develop a tool that can help you do just that.
We have created web-based, Facebook, and iPad applications for e-training.

Some samples of e-training created by Left Brain Games, Inc.:
  • Kruse Dredging - 3D Dredge simulators that connected to external devices for training new operators.
  • Avinger Beam - Ocelot (medical device) training iPad application
  • Curriculum Advantage (Classworks) - Converted over 1,200 C++ lessons for web- based curriculum that connect to LMS system
  • Discovery CME - On-line classes for CME (Continuing medical education)
  • State of North Carolina - NCBIONET - Sherlock Homework - Refresher Math classes for students returning to the classroom
  • Paterson Graham - Hardwired - A timed training session for electrical contractors on the installation of new equipment
  • Paulson Training - Online industrial training classes. Our client Paulson Training developed the classes; we created online versions and then translated them into desired languages
  • Evelyn Wood - Online memory training

Left Brain Games, Inc. created StoryTool™ which is a comprehensive system that is flexible, affordable, and easy to use. Customize and build your eTraining tools that your workforce needs, quickly and cost-effectively using StoryTool™. Once the training is developed you can control the content, updating it as needed or have us help with the updating. You decide.

This powerful and versatile, easy-to-use system allows you to:

  • Use a variety of formats to present content, such as text, images, audio, video and 3D simulations
  • Create assessments (quizzes and tests) that are graded automatically
  • Generate reports with comprehensive information including - but not limited to - grades, time spent on each question, and areas in which more training is required
  • Permit trainees to review areas of poor performance, and retake tests during the same session
  • StoryTool™ can tie into an existing LMS and extend its capabilities

Contact us and let us help make your next interactive e-learning project as successful as possible in a highly cost-effective way.