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History of PGA Tour

Left Brain Games worked with gener8or communications, located in Middletown, CT to create an iPad mini-kiosk that plays video history highlights of the PGA Tour in Connecticut.

CT Business Advantage 2014

Left Brain Games attended the Connecticut Business Advantage 2014 Training & Matchmaker Event at the University of Hartford.


Circuitbot, a collaborative effort for DARPA, is a turn based strategy game, set in outer space in the near future, where players control missions that travel to asteroids, moons and planets.

Kindergarten Math
Kid Awesome

The puppies have been let loose, and its up to you to save them! You'll need keen math powers to identify the lost puppies, and swift reflexes to collect the reward so you can build your team of rescue heroes.

Wild West Bike Express Rodeo
Worldways, Inc.

Take a challenging ride through the old west on a bicycle, learning about bicycle safety along the way.

Office Escape
Left Brain Games, Inc.

It's 5 O'clock and you have a few last minute tasks. Collect work orders and bring them to computers while avoiding the pesky office workers. Oh, and you are a Ninja.

Rod Kingz
Left Brain Games, Inc.

Put the pedal to the metal and race your way to the top in 5 different nitro burning hot rods in RodKingz Racing. Blast away from the pack and slam on the brakes for the corners while you seek racing glory in this introduction to Sunnyvale Raceway.

Patterson Graham

This strategic, action-packed hardware adventure will test the limits of your skills - and knowledge - as you work your way through multiple stages, installing equipment and battling enemies with your tools. Answer hardware-related questions to progress and use your tools correctly in order to advance!

You Decide

Perfect your leadership skills in this soccer team management simulator. Strike a balance between work and play, manage the kids and parents on your team and lead your players to victory at the end of the season! Your choices will affect your team's morale and performance, and the lessons learned here can be applied to nearly any leadership situation. This fun and educational tool is an excellent and creative way to foster good leadership skills in both kids and business managers alike.

Black Jack
Left Brain Games, Inc.

This Black Jack is part of a series of HTML5 based card games. Designed so that the entire game is controlled from the server to prevent cheating, which is necessary where real money is at stake.

Left Brain Games, Inc.

Craps is part of a series of HTML5 based casino games. Designed so that the entire game is controlled from the server to prevent cheating, which is necessary where real money is at stake.

Left Brain Games, Inc.

Roulette is part of a series of HTML5 based casino games. Designed so that the entire game is controlled from the server to prevent cheating, which is necessary where real money is at stake.

Puppy Primp
Electronic Arts

Help the Charm Girls Club to get their pets in tip-top shape! Wash, brush and groom any number of adorable puppies in the Charm Girls Pet Salon. Unlock new puppies to pamper as you play this easy-to-follow, highly interactive game.

Charm Puzzler
Electronic Arts

Join the Charm Girls Club to piece together some of their favorite moments! With beautifully-drawn art and charming music - no pun intended - not to mention many puzzles to choose from, you'll be putting these jigsaw girls together for hours.

Robot Rebellion
Left Brain Games, Inc.

In this intuitive and highly creative platformer, navigate your robot around the maze to collect powerups and keys necessary to progress to the next level. Beautiful 3D graphics and a strong sense of atmosphere give this game a leg up over others . You will have a lot of fun moving around these dark mazes!

Missile Defense
Left Brain Games, Inc.

Protect the city from certain destruction as you are the last hope against the impending missile onslaught. Launch your own missiles to destroy the enemy missiles and save humanity from disaster! Make sure you aim properly and think quickly, otherwise all will be lost!

Pediatric Dental Visit
Pediatric Dental Center of Avon

Created by a pediatric dentist who specializes in working with both autistic and special needs patients, this app is for parents and other dentists of special needs children to help familiarize children with the instruments and equipment prior to a dentist visit. Going to the dentist can be scary, but this app will help get them get acquainted with what is going to happen before their visit.

Super Swarm Smash
Left Brain Games, Inc.

In this classic defense game, you must stop the bugs from getting through your garden by planting flowers to get in their way! Each flower you plant has a special ability, and you must use these to your advantage while keeping an eye on your cash! This strategic game will push you to your limits!

Virtual driving
Dunlap & Associates

In this intuitive and creative driving instruction tool, go on virtual drives and click areas where you would look. From the perspective of the driver's seat, train your eyes to become ever-watchful and before you know it, you'll be driving safely!

Sales Pro
Mothers of Invention

Are you an A-level sales pro? That's the question this testing tool seeks to answer as you answer questions to measure your sales know-how. The game is peppered with humorous cartoons to keep it light and easy, but it's not all fun and games - you'll likely learn a thing or two as you answer the questions presented.

Freeze Tag

Rescue your frozen teammates in this action-packed side scrolling adventure. Jam-packed with challenging levels and obstacles, take control of the heroes who must free their friends. Use their different superpowers to your advantage as you navigate each area to the end and win!

Banana Bounce

Use bananas to lure Tango the Orangutan through the forest. Don't let him fall!

Shredding Diabetes
Ignite Health

This game is uniquely entertaining in a way that educational games rarely are. You are a snowboarder, with the choice of two distinct tracks: one is a half-pipe, the other is a downhill slope. As you go, you must watch your blood sugar - it will decrease over time. Picking up items such as food and insulin will respectively raise and lower your blood sugar. Its up to you to keep it balanced. At various checkpoints throughout the courses, you answer diabetes-related questions, placing another creative twist on the snowboarding genre. This game does something that educational games usually don't: it strikes a fantastic balance between informing the player, and providing excellent gameplay to back it up. Anyone looking to add a challenging element of strategy to what is an already winning formula should look no further.

Pepper Slots
Left Brain Games, Inc.

You'll get burned by this red-hot slot machine! Match peppers to win in this fast-paced casino classic. With a fun art style and addictive gameplay it's hard to resist taking just one more roll!

Left Braintris
Left Brain Games, Inc.

A classic game with an LBG look.

Video Poker
Left Brain Games, Inc.

Think you've got what it takes to beat the house?

Left Brain Games, Inc.

Crazy mutated plants are swarming the screen! Click on groups of 3 or more to break them up.

MFA Gallery
WondriskaRusso Associates/BMFA

This web gallery allows you to choose a piece from a grid of artwork thumbnails to view a beautifully detailed close-up along with text describing the work.

The Star Group

Developed for kids, to teach basic information about Asthma.

Alaska Timeline
State of Alaska - University of Alaska

This detail-packed interactive timeline is all you'll ever need to learn the ins and outs of America's 49th state, Alaska. This easy-to-navigate timeline takes you through the history of Alaska, from its prehistoric formations up through the present. Authentic, well-presented images and photographs complement the rich wealth of information which fills this timeline.

Sherlock Homework
State of North Carolina - Bionet

Do you know your math? Put your arithmetic skills to the test in this virtual board game! Roll the dice and move around the board, solving equations and gaining insight on concepts you may not have known before. A fun, engaging way to present math concepts to students.

Major Match-Up
University of You

Click and drag matching pieces to form groups of 3 or more to earn points. Create enough groups to complete the level's challenge before time runs out.

Student Doku
University of You

You've been cracking these classic number puzzles in school, on vacation and on lazy Sundays since you were a kid. Give your brain a workout with University of You classic Sudoku

Zippies Avatar

Design and color your own avatar.

Discovery CME
Quick Compliance/Discovery Health

On-line based classes for CME (Continuing medical education) (You may have to register to play) Left Brain Games developed these creative online classes which are required for yearly medical license renewals.

Charming Tiles
Electronic Arts

The traditional Chinese matching game known as Mahjong is not known for its simplicity, but this Charm Girls-themed version makes it not only easy for younger players, but fun for all ages. Match tiles with designs themed around the Charmed Girls Club characters, picking up special bonus points and power-ups along the way.

Are you a marketing Neanderthal?
Mothers of Invention

This interactive training tool will help your employees evolve from "Marketing Neanderthals" into the cream of the crop! With fun cartoons and a tongue-in-cheek humor, Eloqua presents marketing questions in a way that is less rigid and stuffy, and more dynamic and interesting. This will inspire your employees to reach the heights of their abilities and become, as Eloqua puts it, a "Transcendental Being"!

Word Crunch
Professor Brainstorm, LLC

How many words can you make from the letters shown? It's brain-racking, no-time-for-slacking fun!

Professor Brainstorm, LLC

In this fun game, find matches of identical pairs of cards. When you've matched all the cards, you win! There are different levels of difficulty to make things more challenging. On each higher level of difficulty, there are more cards to match. This game will test your memory!

Freaky Flickers World
Freaky Flickers

Bash your way through multiple worlds, defeating pirates and unlocking tricks and traps on a mysterious island.

Udder Nonsense
Provider Pals

Prepare for frantic milking action! The cow needs to be milked, and you must race the clock to fill the bucket with milk while not letting her udders get too full. This frantic game features charming graphics and music and will keep you on your toes as you use the mouse to milk the cow.

Fast Food
Provider Pals

This is a fast-paced game with a unique spin on a classic puzzle formula. You must click to remove groups of vegetables, as more rows appear, and keep the vegetables from filling the screen. The challenge grows as the pace increases. This is a great game for developing concentration as well as quick thinking.

Blue Ribbon Bash
Provider Pals

In this fun educational game, you must take care of your cow to make her look presentable for the fair and win a ribbon! The game, with detailed explanations and easy-to-follow gameplay, takes you through all the steps of caring for a cow, such as trimming the hooves. You'd be surprised how much it takes!

Muck the Yuck
Provider Pals

This game is not for the faint of heart - you must clean a farm stall, and yes, that means removing "cow pies" and changing the hay, and washing down the stall. The game handles the process not only in a humorous way but also in a very well-explained, easy to follow manner which makes the game more fun and educational. The levels are also timed, adding an element of challenge.

Buzz Off
Provider Pals

Getting rid of flies is fun and satisfying in this fast moving game. Use your trusty fly swatter to whack away at the flying pests to get them all before time runs out.

Jigsaw Puzzler
Left Brain Games, Inc.

Jigsaw puzzles have a timeless appeal. Select a picture, then choice number of pieces.

Word Search
Left Brain Games, Inc.

A list of words, a swarming grid of letters: how fast can you find all the words in the list?

Get Down Dave
JetSet Studios

Can you dance? Try out your dancing moves.

Tricky Treats
Left Brain Games, Inc.

The Halloween season is upon us again with Tricky Treats! Everyone loves candy, but the only thing people love more than candy is getting candy on Halloween! Make matches of tasty shapes of candy to earn points, and collect powerups along the way. This frighteningly addictive puzzle game with keep you on the edge of your seat all year round!

Jewel Jam

This unique puzzle game will truly challenge your logic and critical thinking! On a 3D puzzle, you must place multi-sided dice, each side a different color, so that the colors match the adjacent dice. The game is much easier to learn than it sounds, and once you get the hang of it, you'll quickly get addicted!

Paint a Pet

Recreate a glamorous work of art in this beautiful game! Try to match the colors from an original picture or create your own original masterpiece from several preset images. Well-drawn and adorable to look at, you'll have even more fun adding your own splash of color to these pictures!

Road to a Cure Board Game
Ignite Health

Take the road to drug approval and see how long it takes to develop a new medicinal drug and get it approved for patients. In a board game setting, travel spaces to see events which impact your research positively or negatively. The journey to the finish line is long and perilous - how many months will it take you?

Sun Blocker
American Academy of Dermatology

Are you well-protected from the sun's rays? It's fun to stay outdoors during the nice weather, but make sure you bring along plenty of sunscreen! In Sun Blocker, follow the sun as it rises over the course of the day, using your lotion to defend against its radiation. Earn points by gathering more lotion as it appears and block out those deadly rays!


Get your kids excited about math in Kidoku, a less-challenging version of standard Sudoku which has been tailor-made for younger children. A fun and engaging way to learn about numbers, Kidoku will keep your kids or students hooked in and having fun while learning.

Beat Box
JetSet Studios

Use the letter keys to make Papa bark. Press the Space Bar to record your song. When you're done, email your friends to join in the fun!

TV Toss
JetSet Studios

This quick-and-simple game gives your customers a fast chuckle and a positive, humorous association with your products and services. Any object that can be thrown can dominate center-stage in this game: TVs, turkeys, taxis, toilets, tubas, tanks, tabby cats and more! The only limit is your imagination. Players refine their skills through Easy, Medium and Difficult settings. And the Challenge a Friend option gives you the potential of hosting the Internet's next viral game hit!

Nashville Star
JetSet Studios

Nashville Star assembles two of society's most extreme legal addictions ; popular music and computer games -- into one super-banzai advertising vehicle for your company. You provide the music, or we create original tunes with a sound to fit your category.

Hike for Health
American Academy of Dermatology

Go on a hike through the wilderness and get in touch with nature, collecting flowers to earn points and win the level. Be careful, however, of certain bugs and of poison ivy, which damage you if you come into contact with them.

Pirate Bay Board Game
Red Frog

In this riveting virtual board game: manage the expenses and revenue of your Pirate Bay Theme Park, taking into account payroll, insurance, and other factors which will keep the money rolling either in or out of your pockets. The fun music and sensational cartoon artwork add to the atmosphere of this creative and engaging simulation. Try to keep this ship afloat - no pun intended!

Follow the Smell
JetSet Studios

Players press the Arrow keys to steer your way through a series of increasingly challenging mazes, dodge threats and obstacles to achieve goals.

Break the Ice
American Greetings

If you're looking to play game with old-school platforming elements, look no further than this game. Run, jump and climb through a series of large stages, with plenty of obstacles to get in your way before you reach the goal of rescuing your teammates from being frozen in ice. Each character has a unique special ability to add an element of strategy to the game's already great level design. Best of all, there are different difficulty settings to give players of all skill levels a fair shake.

Fruit-Filled Fun!
American Greetings

The classic puzzle formula is at it again with the Strawberry Shortcake franchise! Help Strawberry Shortcake collect fruit by matching 3 of a kind or more. If you've ever played games like Bejeweled Blitz, you'll get the hang of this very quickly. This game also comes with the benefit of a difficulty setting - on Easy, it's perfect for a child or a quick distraction. But on Hard, it becomes much more challenging. There are also numerous special bonuses which can help you to rack up points when they appear. This is a great new twist on a formula that never fails.

Going Nutty

Climb those branches! You're a squirrel, and you've got to get your hands on as many nuts as you can before time runs out. From a first-person perspective, run up, down and around a tree in beautifully-rendered 3D graphics and collect all the nuts and find the exit before time runs out.

Paulson Lessons
Paulson Training Programs, Inc.

Online based industrial training classes. Our client Paulson Training developed the classes, we created on-line versions and translated them into desired languages.

They're Coming To Get You
Left Brain Games, Inc.

The zombies are coming to get you! It's a living nightmare in the graveyard, and you're the only one who can stop it! Be quick and strike down the zombies before they can reach you. Get through wave after wave and earn points to prove yourself as humanity's savior from the undead!

Nutrition Dictionary
Nourish Interactive

This s a nutrition tools dictionary to help you navigate your way to being healthy

BMI Calculator
Nourish Interactive

Do you know your BMI? This tool will tell you.

Nutrition crossword puzzle
Nourish Interactive

How much do you know about nutrition, try this crossword puzzle to find out.

Ticket to Ride Shockwave Treatment

The Beatles are here, and need your help to drive their bus and pick them all up! Using their directions, steer around the city and grab your passengers before time runs out. Be careful to avoid obstacles and don't crash!

Bee Movie New Hive City
Paramount Studios

Take command of a hive of bees in this truly addictive and highly strategic simulator. Hire different kinds of bees to perform different tasks for the hive - manage the production of honey while keeping tabs on labor and being ever-watchful for the dreaded beekeeper. A fantastic and very unique business simulator.

Artifact Matching
State of Alaska - University of Alaska

Learn about Alaskan Native American artifacts as you match pairs of identical pictures and win! There are many fascinating artifacts used by the Native American people of the Alaska region, and authentic photographs coupled with lots of information make this game a hearty educational experience.

The Serum Run
State of Alaska - University of Alaska

The year is 1925, and a brutal winter epidemic has struck the people of Nome, Alaska. Travel on a dogsled from Nenana, Alaska to deliver the serum needed to help the people of Nome. Embark on a journey reminiscent of classic games like the Oregon Trail as you select your lead dog to bring your team to Nome. Make sure you buy enough supplies and pick the best route, otherwise you might not get there at all!

Lion Dance
AZN Televition

Use the lion around the screen, collecting token objects and avoiding obstacles and enemies.

Real World Explorer
Seton Hall University

Explore Seton Hall's college campus using this guided tour of the college campus .Based on architecture on campus and student experience of Seton Hall University. Onsite resource gathering combined with using university marketing materials, built around a simple task driven game interface.

Pokemon BlastOff
Garr Group/Pokemon

Team Rocket is blasting off again! Rescue all of the falling Pokemon from Team Rocket's balloon. Catch them to earn points, but watch out for falling sandbags - catching them instead of a Pokemon will make you lose points. With authentic animation and adorable creatures from the original Pokemon cartoon, this game will keep you entertained for hours as you rescue the Pokemon from the clutches of Team Rocket.

DotCom Marketing/Van Gogh Vodka

Take on your most flavorful challenge yet in this Van Gogh Vodka brain teaser. If you've ever played normal Sudoku, you'll catch on quickly - position the flavor icons so that they line up without repeating in every row, column and 3x3 square. Keep at it and before you know it, you'll be able to taste victory!

Lunar Colony
Left Brain Games, Inc.

Can you design the most profitable and productive lunar colony? Compete with your rivals on the moon for space and resources as you take part in an economic battle for supremacy. You'll need all of your strategic planning to win!

Mango Melon Madness

In this creative puzzle game, you must move the flip board over the symbols to switch them from one to the other. Change them all to one or the other to win! Try to get it in the least amount of clicks - it's much harder than it sounds!

Donutz Rush Hour Racer

Customize your biker and set off in obstacle course-like tracks, designed in beautiful 3D. The gameplay is fluid and addictive, with fun cartoon cut scenes mixed in that interact with the player. You can earn points by performing tricks and picking up bonuses, but be careful not to crash!

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